San Juan Protesters Face Off With Police During Demonstration Against Puerto Rico Governor
Police and protesters clashed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on July 15, as citizens took to the streets to demand that Governor Ricardo Rosselló resign in the wake of leaked messages between Rosselló and his officials, according to local reports.The messages included misogynistic and homophobic slurs, discussion of strategies on how to quell journalists and investigators unfavorable to Rosselló’s administration, and unsavory jokes about Hurricane Maria, the Center for Investigative Journalism in Puerto Rico reported. The outlet initially broke the story, sharing conversations from a Telegram chat.In an appearance on the radio show Nación Z on Monday, Rosselló spoke about “tough conversations” he had with his mother and wife, and offered an apology to the women of Puerto Rico who may have been offended by the messages. “I made a mistake,” he said. Rosselló has said he will not resign and will continue to work for Puerto Rico, according to reports.Police said ten officers were injured when protesters threw objects such as bottles and stones during the protest Monday night. They reported that four people were arrested for throwing objects.Local reports said police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the protesters, and protesters set several trash cans on fire.Video filmed by Dariel Cortes shows a woman standing between a large crowd of protesters and a group of police on Calle Fortaleza addressing the crowd with her back turned to the police.The video shows a projectile fired from the group of police and the woman clutching her back. Protesters are then seen throwing objects at police. Other videos from Cortes show police pushing back protesters using tear gas, and protesters moving a street barricade. Credit: @dariel_cortes via Storyful

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    What do you expect. The Government in PR is Democratic.. How about we sell it to Mexico for a wall on the southern border. Then all of them can become Mexican Citizens.
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    Silverspoon_not Nam Era Vet
    Yippie Hippie,

    Yep, meant a gentleman in 1981 from that US territory duty station MSO Portland OR. Said he had to leave do to the corruption could not afford to stay in his own birthplace.! Referred to the political system as similar to Chicago,s system during the outstanding citizen Al Capone's era!! Huh guess he was right to bad we lost track over the years he seems to be proven right!! LOL!!

    Funny part is idiot 4's Democratic(hah) SOCIALIST COMMUNIST had all hands support for this territories ruling political elite!! Hey American citizens where is the outrage and condemnation for these leaches on society?? Pelosi, Shumar come out come out where ever you are!! Oh to busy supporting demonizing the Republic of AMERICA and Americanism!
    Maybe they nead to join the American Legion or at least read the founding documents after all with out all the dead that swore an OATH to keep our Republic a Republic they would not be able to speak derogatory about our Republic daily if not hourly!!


    SAY NO to the Red or Blue Wave farce!!

    Republic first, defeat all "treasonist elected oath of office violaters" support "The Red, The White, and The Blue Wave 2020!!

    Remember to Vote 2020
    DEFEND the Republic the Constitution, Rule of Law and Americanism!! Under God!!
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    Mr. President please sell this Island back to Spain just for $1 dollar
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    They squandered their aid and this shows that trump was, once again, right. Dysfunction.
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    Michael K
    To think the Dems and MSM blame Trump for the dysfunction.