Sailing Crew Rescued After Orcas Attack Boat Off Spanish Coast

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A pod of orcas severely damaged a sailing boat off the coast of Spain on Thursday, May 24, forcing the boat’s crew to call for help. The incident is the latest in a series of reported attacks carried out by killer whales on vessels.

Sailing blogger April Boyes, a member of the four-person crew, captured the attack on video. Boyes said they were traveling from Azores to the Strait of Gibraltar when the attack occurred.

Boyes told Storyful that the crew initially turned off the engine after noticing a pod or orcas near the Strait of Gibraltar. The orcas then started to ram into the rudder and attacked the vessel for over an hour, destroying the rudder and piercing the hull. The crew was forced to call Spanish authorities, who rescued the crew and towed the boat back to port.

Though Boyes said the encounter was terrifying, the marine life advocate said that she does not believe in demonizing orcas. On her sailing blog. Boyes said more research could be done into these encounters and non-harmful deterrents can be put in place. Credit: April Boyes via Storyful