Little Boy Has Priceless Reaction to Dad’s Military Homecoming
Kristen recorded the hilarious moment her husband Dave was reunited with their children, Emma and Owen, in Sacramento, California.The video shows little Emma and Owen running towards their father, Emma runs straight to him, but before two-year-old Owen reaches his dad, he gets distracted and ignores him.Kristen told Storyful Dave was returning home from a six month tour of duty. Emma teared up after seeing him, but Owen saw some decorative statues behind his dad and wanted to see those instead of giving him a hug.Dave was home for 30-days before returning to a tour of duty overseas. Credit: Kristen via Storyful

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  • k
    For a girl, her daddy is always the hero and prince charming.
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    Why was that 'priceless'?
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    Wow, who else is surprised a two year old doesn't recognise someone who they last saw when they were 1 1/2.
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    "Little Boy Has Priceless Reaction to Dad’s Military Homecoming". That's nice for Owen. But I wonder how many children will not be able to do that back in the place where this man served toi make larger (blood-money) profits for the US elite? This man, and all with are pawns that are being used by the Americans, and by those (zionists) that control the US.
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    Priceless no, a sad reflection of the price that military personnel often have to pay for doing their duty.
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    Bless them both!
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    I know the feeling, Mine would run in the front room and say "Mam there's a man in the kitchen".
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    Mick H
    Great! The US knows how to treat its heros! The UK dumps them on the scrap heap once their used! When is BLAIR going to answer for war crimes?
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    Killers playing happy family in their home soil! How touchy!
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    You make your choices dude. Some put seeing their kids first, for others it's their career that takes front seat, so the kids grow up without parents being around.

    Cat's In The Cradle.