Hundreds of Thousands Fill Hong Kong Streets for Largest Protest in Weeks
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Hundreds of thousands of people thronged the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday, December 8, in the largest protest in weeks to press the government to meet demands for increased civil liberties, reports said.The organizers of the event, the Hong Kong-based activist organization Civil Human Rights Front, said that some 800,000 people attended the march on Sunday.The mass protest was largely peaceful, though incidents of vandalism, and confrontations with police were reported by local journalists.Anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong have been ongoing since April 2019, prompted by a proposed extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be transferred to mainland China. The bill was formally withdrawn in late October.The five key demands include the withdrawal of the bill, an investigation into the use of force by police, amnesty for arrested protesters a retraction of the categorizations of the protests as “riots,” and universal suffrage. The protesters have said they will not not stop until all five demands are met. Credit: Antony Dapiran via Storyful

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    nagging n whining my way to success
    Bearing in mind that all these alleged protests were triggered when Taiwan requested the extradition of a HK murderer who killed his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan, then fled the Chinese province of Taiwan to return to his native Chinese province of HK to avoid prosecution and punishment for his crimes.

    So all of these protests - they're protesting to protect a man who murdered his pregnant girlfriend.

    Brilliant - but the media frequently if not usually or almost always neglects to mention this key point.
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    Is for people to spend weekend weeks after weeks nothing to do for exercise walkout, maybe can register as G world records for mass weekly city walking...
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    I am not against peaceful protesting. But they should never destroy public property and block roads and airports. They should include the move to catch the attackers to commoners, those who threw petrol bombs, the ones who used arrow at the police and those who vandalise shops and shopping malls. Another important thing they should not do is to bring young children into any protests or politics. They are too young to be poisoned by whatever you think is right at this point of time.
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    Lawrence of Suburbia
    They need to be completely peaceful, so the protestors need to start policing themselves.
    This will prevent infiltrators causing bad PR by initiating violent actions in front of the tv and media.

    Gandhi has shown the power of peaceful protest or the boycotting of businesses and industries who don't follow the will of the people.
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    The Hongkong government should grant the soonest possible time the demands of the protesters for a peaceful Hongkong.
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    Dear China, 1 country 2 systems has failed. Prolong delay of taking over allowed the Western influence to indoctrinate all Hkgers to think China is the evil empire and the west are saints.
    This episode has changed my mind about China. Look at the western world ? Democracy has failed them so their people now want soocialism even their nearby neighbour Venezuela is in chaos from it.
    I now find China system to be workable, a communistic govt ruling a capitalistic country.
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    Joo Mong
    Have they already set any world record with their demonstrations/protest yet?
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    Why are we not doing that here in america
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    tks to the money from CIA. final show.
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    LOL everyone
    Demands for increased civil liberties ? Don't be too naïve. You want to demand civil liberties from your communist masters will be fat hope and dream on