Finnish Lapland's Aurora Borealis Captured in Stunning Timelapse
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A photographer living in Finnish Lapland captured a remarkable timelapse of the region’s breathtaking aurora borealis, a phenomenon generally visible between September and March, according to Robinson lived in Finland over the winter of 2017 and 2018 and recorded this video during that time. He published the video to Vimeo in January 2020.“The search for the Northern Lights is quite often described as a ‘hunt,’” Robinson wrote on his blog, “suggesting the magical lights are akin to an elusive, endangered wild animal you’re hoping to catch a quick glimpse off in its natural habitat before it spots you and runs for safety.” Credit: Matt Robinson via Storyful

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    Wow, how beautiful, must be amazing being so close and seeing it in real.. gorgeous plane5 we live on. We need to take better care of it...
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    Marvellous. Wish I am there to personally see it.