Elementary School Plays Inclusive Basketball Game With Student in Wheelchair
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Students at Topsail Elementary School in North Carolina took it upon themselves to make sure a student with special needs was included during recess on September 19, the school said.Topsail Elementary School told Storyful this footage shows third-grade student Francis Veras-Espinal, a student in the school’s adaptive Exceptional Children’s (EC) program, playing basketball with the school’s fifth graders.The school said the students had included Veras-Espinal and other students in the EC program in a game the previous day.“Teachers noticed and snapped a quick picture of to send to principal Melissa Wilson,” a spokesperson for the school told Storyful. The following day, a different group of students added Veras-Espinal to a game of basketball. “Teacher Jody Keziah was watching as things unfolded and pulled out her cell phone to shoot a quick video, capturing the moment you see.”“Some lessons can’t be taught in a classroom,” the school captioned the video as they posted it on Facebook. Credit: Topsail Elementary School via Storyful

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    This is what every society can become. Starting from our kids, teach them love.
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