Disrespectful gorilla youngster repeatedly slaps his own grandmother
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The lovable rascal Lope is not so lovable today. As grandma Biddy sits in her favorite spot with her wood wool, Lope approaches her and slaps her on her chin. Lope does take it too far sometimes. You just want grandma to get up, put him on her knees and give him a right slap on his backside. Ozala his mom wouldn't be so forgiving. After Lope plays with the bottle, he has another run-up to poor Biddy and does the same thing again, but this time it does look more than just a slap. Biddy shows him her teeth and gives him a dirty look, but leaves it at that. Lope puts some wood wool on his head, does his usual knock on the hut and runs up to Ozala and Shufai.

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    Obviously a liberal!
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    "It is always the grandmother"
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    Looked to me like he was trying to get her to play with him. He is bored. Put some more stuff in there for a youngster to play with.
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    More proof that liberalism is contagious and spreading to the wildlife. Next the youngster will be blocking bridges and setting fires in Australia for Greta when not gaming in Grandma's basement during break from Gender Studies class at Berkley.
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    Local Boyz
    Raiders plan to draft him this year
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    Looks a bit like the public housing town houses at Jane and Driftwood in the north end of Toronto.
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    The poor thing, looks bored outta its mind.
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    Meghan Markle and Archibald, how sweet.
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    Joseph L
    Diversity in the Ape world.
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    He looks a little like Trump.