Construction Workers Catch Children Escaping Fire Through Window in Albuquerque
Construction workers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, helped a family escape a burning apartment on July 12, local media reported.A witness captured footage of the dramatic rescue, wherein a construction worker, identified by local media as Mason Fierro, catches a baby and a young child as their father passes them out a smoky window.The workers then set up a ladder so the children’s mother and father can climb out of the window, the video shows.After the rescue, Fierro and the rest of the construction crew, which included his brother Jermaine Gallien, went door to door alerting the apartment building’s residents until firefighters arrived, according to local media.The Albuquerque Fire Department said three people were “evaluated for minor smoke inhalation” and no other injuries were reported. Credit: Abraham Velez via Storyful

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  • J
    Thank GOD for quick thinking heroes! Be your own first responder.........
  • A
    I saw this fire. The FF’s were just walking around watching theses people rescue theses kids. I guess they were sizing it up for how to fight the fire. The people are the heroes not the firefighters. Lazy.