Bungling Burglars Get Caught 'Grease-Handed' After Multiple Failed Break-Ins
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Two men who were caught with their hands covered in anti-vandal grease and paint have been jailed after they were caught on CCTV attempting to break into multiple premises in Runcorn, Cheshire on August 19.According to Cheshire Police, Jamie James, 28, and William Napier, 43, were seen climbing over a gate covered in grease and paint shortly before they attempted to break into Runcorn Library at around 2 am on August 19.The pair then tried to break into a butcher, a shop, and an occupied apartment in Runcorn.Police said anti-vandal grease and paint was found on all four buildings that the men had attempted to break into. The men failed to get inside any of the premises they targeted and were arrested 40 minutes after their crime spree, police said.This CCTV footage shared by police show the men trying to break into one of the buildings. The men can be seen attempting to scale a gate by gripping the top before trying to kick it inwards. They finally give up when a police van approaches the area.James and Napier were subsequently both charged with four counts of attempted burglary.James was jailed for 23 months and a week while William Napier was given a three-year prison sentence. Credit: Cheshire Police via Storyful

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    I put up a fence and the punks use to climb it and use my yard for a short cut I greased the top of it and never had a problem again.
  • A
    ...trailer for 'Mission: Impossible 6...The Gate'.
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    What is this world coming to. I personally would like to know
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    You will be surprised if they said they wanted to be caught and carted off to jail, cause at least they have 3 meals a days, plus warm companionship from other convicts.
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    Odd are that here in Canada you'd get sued for getting grease on the criminals clothes. Or worse if they slipped and fell on their lazy butt.
    Sorta like the kid that stole a car, then sued and WON money from the garage for having the keys hidden in the car. He crashed while joyriding and our courts sided. with the criminal. Shocker.
    I used to grease my window sills way back when I was renting in a sketchy hood. Now decades later Im thinking of doing my windows at Canada becomes more "diverse" watching some of the crackheads walking though our streets that belong in jail, rehab or a mental institution.

    (You know, like @kneely for allah that threatens to kill me while stalking my every comment with 2 thumbs down as his word is worth double of an infidel's) After the 21st Justin's funding dries up and @kneely is back on just his welfare cheque.
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    Rex Murphy's Grandad
    Now here are two really dumb buggers for you, only three brain cells between the pair. They couldn't even be bothered to put down their cigarettes whilst committing the crime. They look drunk and were just asking to be caught.
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    It dose`t help when you hi as a kite ,, they we`er smoking spliffs ffs.
  • ░C░h░a░n░e░l░░O░b░e░r░l░i░n░
    Too bad nobody threw gas on them and lit them on fire.
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    Dumb and Dumber..
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    Shocked they weren't black.