Basset Hounds Leaps Through 2017 Winter Snowfall
Meg, a rescued basset hound, had the time of her life enjoying heavy snow in New York in 2017.Meg’s owner, Jay Logana, filmed the floppy pup in slow motion as she leapt through mounds of snow. More of Meg’s adventures can be seen on her Twitter page. Credit: Jay Logana via Storyful

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    Sheer joy to watch!
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    Now there's a dog living the life!! She might of had it rough before but knows now the joy of being loved and happy :) Happy happy :)
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    Love it,nothing like a Basset Hound!
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    Fun to watch! Glad Meg found a loving home...lucky dog, lucky new family!
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    I'm from Vietnam and I love basset hounds. I just recently adopted 4 of them from 4 different animal shelters.
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    lovely . . . . just lovely to see the pup's joy - thank you ! ! !
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    Must be a slow news day, this story says 2017, so took two years to show this.
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    Basset Hounds are the clowns of the dog world! I'm on my third Basset. The first two I bought as puppies. Last Jan. I rescued a six year old female Basset. She's so happy and sweet! I feel like she's always been my dog.
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    At some point, I almost expect to see the Basset hound take off and fly with the way how those ears are flapping. Still,....cute dog.