Diver Coaxes Huge Manta Ray to Swim Toward Her in Maldives

1 年前

A scuba diver amazed her fellow divers by coaxing a manta ray to swim directly toward her while exploring the Maldives earlier this month.

Footage filmed by Jules Casey, who frequently posts footage to her OneBreathDiver Instagram account, shows her dive buddy Fern successfully summoning the huge manta ray.

Australia-based Casey said she was diving in the Maldives onboard the vessel Blue Force 3 when she captured the cool clip.

Casey told Storyful that before the dive Fern had explained the technique, which she’d previously used to encourage a manta ray to swim in her direction.

“She placed her arms out in front of her and rotated them,” she said. "We couldn’t believe it, the manta ray swam directly toward her.

“It was pretty spectacular to witness,” Casey added. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful