Police rescue distressed dog from extremely hot car

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With temperatures in excess of 30C expected in Nottinghamshire this week, dog owners are once again being reminded not to leave their dogs in hot cars - even with the windows slightly open as was the case in this incident ⚠️ Officers were called after the dehydrated animal was spotted at the Wilkinson Street park and ride site, off Nottingham’s ring road, on Monday afternoon. The small black Shih Tzu was barking and panting inside a locked car. The windows were left slightly open but it was not enough to prevent the dog collapsing. Thankfully, police arrived just in time to save his life. They smashed the car’s window, gave him water and rushed him to a local vet in the back of a police car. The dog is now making a good recovery and the owner has been invited to attend a police interview. The case is also to be referred to the RSPCA. Video credit Nottinghamshire Police