Feel the excitement of Formula One Grand Prix from the finish line

1 年前
Formula one race cars are the fastest regulated-road course racing cars in the world. These super car teams compete at several races each year, known as Grand Prix races, which occur all over the world. The cars reach 350km/h (215mph) and achieve a staggering 6.5 lateral G on the corners. A professional team runs an annual budget of a whopping 247 million dollars to compete. Sponsorship costs are astronomical and fan response is unparalleled. This lucky supercar fan was at the finish line in one of the best seats for the race as it occurred in Montreal, Canada. He recorded the excitement of the cars, the crowd, and the fighter jets that were seen that day. The roar of the engines as the cars whizzed by was incredible and the speeds reached on this straight stretch made the cars almost impossible to focus on as they hit impressive speeds. These races have been taking place since the first official world championship race in the United Kingdom in 1950. Ferrari, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Bugatti, McLaren, Maserati and others have been competing for the glory and the title of the fastest race cars on the planet. This is a multi-billion dollar business and the hype and excitement are beyond description. The competition for technological advantage is also massive. With engineers constantly working to improve aerodynamic grip and technical grip. The addition of wings and changes in their construction affected the amount of turbulence created behind the cars, which actually changed the way other drivers were able to draft behind one another. Tactics and techniques changed. And advances made competition in the sport an even more costly endeavor. The history and the strategy behind the sport is as fascinating as the sleek machines themselves. An event like this is one that few fans present would ever forget.