ESPSCOFE Electric Espresso Coffee Maker

1 年前
The travel coffee maker provides two brewing methods. When using hot water above 194°F, press the button for 5 seconds to make espresso, which makes about 100+ times. The camping espresso maker uses cold water and makes coffee 3-4 times. The unique design of the coffee cup keeps the temperature and mellow aroma while extracting coffee without having to hold a machine's body. The portable espresso maker is small and does not occupy a large space. Mini espresso makers can not only be used at home but also be easy to carry outdoors. An electric espresso coffee maker is a good partner for individuals to drink espresso. The handheld espresso maker comes with 12V home and car adapters, which you can charge at any time wherever you go. The car coffee maker's special point is to connect the car charger and make coffee continuously. Purchase Online: Purchase Espresso Capsules: #MarisReviewChannel #espresso #portablecoffeemaker