Biker gets last laugh after Tesla owner's ridiculous reprimand

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Not everyone is a fan of electric cars and Tesla drivers often experience people who show their disapproval of the cars in unusual ways. They are cut off and given the finger for no apparent reason. This Tesla owner was stopped in traffic, waiting at a red light. A biker on a Harley Davidson motorcycle was stopped behind the Tesla. He was pointing aggressively at the car and appeared to be yelling disapproval as they waited for the light to turn green. As the traffic light changed and cars began began to move, the Tesla driver accelerated to pull away. He had little interest in what the biker had to say. The biker pulled abruptly around the Tesla, entering a median lane and he cut in close enough to the front bumper that the Tesla driver had to brake. The biker immediately slowed and signaled left, intending to turn from the straight through lane. His intention was obviously to annoy the driver of the electric car. The Tesla owner honked his horn in defiance, ready to give the biker a proper reprimand in the process. But what he had forgotten was that his wife had set the horn of the Tesla to play "La Cucaracha" (The Cockroach") The biker was obviously mad at the audacity of being honked at until he heard the tune and saw the sudden embarrassment of the Tesla driver. His angry scowl turned instantly to laughter. Although it's not visible, the biker raised his hand and shrugged as if to say "Seriously?!", clearly unable to be annoyed at any of this. The Tesla owner slunk lower in his seat and continued on his way. Instead of turning left, the biker drove up beside the Tesla owner to pass him one more time and laugh heartily at the juvenile horn sound. It is safe to say that the biker got the last laugh, and the best laugh in this encounter.