2018 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting
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Yahoo Finance is the exclusive online host of the Berkshire Hathaway 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting. For the third year this event is being live-streamed for all of the world to see. Investors and non-investors alike can witness history, live, as Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett and his right-hand man Charlie Munger share their unscripted views on the company, the markets, the economy, corporate governance, and a lot more.
  • John
    not getting any sound, just video?
  • Isle Of Man
    Ok, can someone explain to this simple individual just what Mr Buffet did to own such large numbers of Berkshire Hathaway shares? It is said he is the greatest investor of all time and has a buy and hold philosophy.
    He owns a considerable amount of BH stocks. What I have read is that he formed Buffet partnerships and then bought BH which he grew into the co which it is now. Investors invested money into BH and received shares for their investments. What did Warren do to get a majority of the shares which translates into his fortune?
    He used other peoples money and grew it exponentially. And grew his fortune along with it because he owned a large number of BH shares.
    But how did he get to own such large numbers of BH shares a publicly traded company?

    As the founder of Buffet Partnerships did that entitle him to large numbers of shares without putting much of his own money into the original partnership if he even put his own money in originally?
    If so sure worked to out to one sweet deal.
  • Miyamoto Musashi
    OMG, I completely forgot to mark this in my calendar. I'll have to call Buffet to see if he can find an empty chair for me.
  • vince
    I see he still owns Coke :-) Good sound investor but he has the advantage of a room full of tax lawyers :-)
  • Stephen
    Warren Buffet is against the redo of the Iran Deal. We know the Iran deal is about funding terrorism in the middle east. Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim brotherhood and Isis are all funded by Iran through this deal. Ted Turner and Buffett are on the board of NTI spouting about how its imperative to stop nuclear proliferation yet here they are allowing Nuclear proliferation to continue.
  • Bru
    The left is caught between hating the rich and promoting a guy who agrees with them.
  • Stephen
    Basically: Buffet and 15 others, with the support of the federal reserve, have bought all the remaining stocks. They own EVERYTHING now.
    They hope this will prevent any more selloffs.
    It will take a while for the accounting to catch up.
  • Luís
    In February Warren admitted to personally owning shares of JPMorgan Chase. Previously he had always maintained that his other personal holdings were in companies too small for Berkshire. I think most would agree that JPMorgan can hardly be considered too small for anything. Is there a reason Berkshire has not invested in JPMorgan?
  • Leit Motif
    Is he really the guy that is ''so vain".... I've always liked him.
  • Deepinstinct
    He may be the only person left in the US that drinks Cherry coke !