How do journalists earn our trust? - BBC My World
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With social media influencing public opinion and political views becoming increasingly polarised and divisive, trust in traditional media outlets is falling. Now, more than ever, journalists have to work hard to build and maintain their audiences' trust. This video is about a fatal earthquake in Mexico in 2017. People panicked, communication systems collapsed, and rumours and disinformation began to circulate. You can see that mistakes do happen - but to maintain trust journalists should take steps to report and correct their errors. You can also learn more about disinformation from BBC My World's Q&A with the BBC's disinformation reporter Marianna Spring here: BBC My World is a new show for young people around the world, brought to you by executive producers Angelina Jolie and the BBC World Service. We've also partnered with Microsoft Education and BBC Learning to show you how the news is made, fact-check stories and spot fake news.